Heavy duty mixing equipment produced by Eibenstock in Germany, the worlds number 1 manufacturer in power tool mixers

Designed for the professional, all Eibenstock mixers  have powerful motors and gearboxes that will consistently generate thorough mix actions . Robust metal casing and enclosed switch protection as standard for durability and reliability
Eibenstock mixer drills have been marketed and serviced in the UK under the MEGAMIXER brand since 1986. Mixer drills sold over 25 years ago are still in use today

From compact handheld mixers to free standing mobile mixing stations, our well-made, durable and easy to use mixing range has the right mixer for all mixing applications. Whether mixing internal plasters, wall coatings, external renders, paints, repair and epoxy mortars, screeds, latex, floor coatings, heavy mortars, fibre filled and lime cements, pastes and putties these high performance  mixing machines will do the job


  • Powerful motors up to 1800w handheld or 2300w for free standing mobile mixing stations
  • Durable gearboxes with all metal housings
  • Enclosed switch protection
  • Mechanical and electronic speed control to suit applications
  • Produced in both 230 volt for UK domestic supply and 110 volt for UK construction sites
  • Paddle mixers include both the traditional D handle and ergonomic H handle designs
  • Mix capacities from 25kg up to 150kg

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Showing all 9 results