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Eibenstock Power Tools

EIBENSTOCK Power tools have been producing quality tools since 1919 and are manufactured in Saxony in the Erzgebirge.

Our company has a long tradition to develop and manufacture power tools for industry and handcraft. Well trained employees under the leadership of a dynamic management are the guarantor for a proven quality, long lifetime and robustness of the products for professionals by the brand of EIBENSTOCK. Convince yourself from our offers and benefit from the excellent cost-benefit ratio.

Investment and innovation

EIBENSTOCK has effected many investments to engine and gear construction, steel part manufacturing, logistics, assembly, CAD-workstations and powerful office-communication systems in the last years. With modern CAD-Systems and cross linked CNC-machining centers new ideas will be implemented to innovative products by a creative development staff in a very short time. In fact of our huge vertical range of manufacture we have a direct influence to the product quality and we are able to react fast and flexible with trends and new developments.


EIBENSTOCK is member with the EPTA - European Powertool Association and ZVEI – central association of electrical association and electrical industry registered society (Zentralverband der Elektrotechnik- und Elektronikindustrie e.V.). The Elektrowerkzeug GmbH Eibenstock is also listed with the portal "Ja zu Deutschland" for products Made in Germany.

EIBENSTOCK international

Our powertools are exported to more than 45 countries and are available in different voltage versions. EIBENSTOCK products prove worldwide and day by day. The robustness of our machines has particular importance at construction site use.

By E-motion

With our moto "By E-motion" we like to express the technical aspect of conversion from energy to motion of our power tools. Furthermore the other aspect with that is, that not only the business relation is wanted but also an emotional relationship to our customers and company with its products. Precisely in this connection we see the basis for our common success.